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How to prepare for your First Recording Session

If you have never been to a recording session before, and are preparing to head out to your first one, congratulations! It is understandable that you might be both excited and scared but you should know that there is a lot that goes into ensuring that a recording session is successful. Sure, you might show up to the recording studio only for spontaneous magic to happen.

But in most people’s experiences, a successful recording session is almost always facilitated by proper preparation.

Your first-time studio experience is going to be a definitive moment in your career; and to ensure it goes smoothly; here is how to prepare for your first recording session:

Understand what you want

Before heading out to the recording studio, make sure that you take the time to understand what it is that you want as well as why you want it. If you overlook this part, the consequences could be dire.

What do you want to achieve at your recording session?

How do you hope to achieve this?

How do you want the final product to sound like?

The answers to these questions will be different for everybody but the answers will allow you to set a tone for your recording session that you can maintain throughout until you achieve your objectives.

Discuss your intentions with the music producer

Every great project should start with a discussion with your chosen producer.

Discussions like these will allow your producer to understand your intentions upon entering the recording studio.

How many tracks are you hoping to record?

Do you prefer to record individual parts of a track one by one or you like to power through?

By having such discussions, your producer will then have a much easier time tailoring your recording session so that it can be the most productive.

Set realistic goals

Before attending a recording session, you need to set realistic goals. Many up and coming musicians try to cram as many sessions as possible into one in a bid to save money.

However, this does quite the opposite as it often leads to strained performances and unnecessary pressure which can breed failure or poor results. Though you may be in a rush, you need to understand that quality recording requires careful planning and time.

Focus on what you can and discuss your objectives with your music producer before recording to make sure that you are all on the same page.


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