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AG The Chief Beats

About Us

At Ag The Chief Beats, We pride ourselves in our ability to produce unique sounds as well as the personal relationships that we build with each one of our clients. This not only allows us to learn what best fits your needs, but it also allows us to be there for you in the long run. Because we are not just in the business of producing beats and selling them, but we also want you to become family. There is really nothing like one on one engagement because it breeds great vibes for producing great music. So, let Ag The Chief Beats take your music to the best level today. Ask around - our reputation speaks for itself.

Why Pick Us?

Ag The Chief Beats, we are on a quest to expand our boundaries to develop a distinct sound that continues to provide our clients with inspiration. And unlike the trends that come and go, our artistry and creativity have a timelessness to it, which gives artists the longevity that so many others constantly and unsuccessfully strive for.

More Than Just Music

Ag The Chief Beats is multifaceted. Slowly but surely, we have worked hard to attract the attention of both upcoming and established artists that have entrusted us with their music creating beats, engineering, mixing as well as mastering tracks for today’s musician that easily wants to stand out. When we work, we shape every beat of the song we are creating.


Letting our intuition, experience, and finely tuned ear guide us to develop music that reflects our client’s sensibilities and vision.

Are You An Emerging Artist?

As emerging beat producers with a steady string of successes, Ag The Chief Beats will work with you, taking your ideas and concept and molding them from partially developed ideas to a more polished product that is both radio and club ready.


In the music industry, you only get one chance to make an impression, so talk to use to see how we can help.

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