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Qualities that all Great Musicians Share

Though there are a lot of perks that come with being a musician today, the journey to becoming a successful one is anything but easy or straightforward. In one of the most competitive environments, there is in the contemporary world, you need a lot more than hard work and luck to stand out. Some people have it and some just don’t-that’s why it takes years for some to realize their dreams while others seem to breeze by effortlessly.

The music industry is challenging and while there is more opportunity for success than ever, there is also a lot of saturation and more competition. So, what does it really take to be a great musician?

Here are some qualities that all great musicians share to set you off in the right path:

Great musicians are reflective

The best musicians have the ability to think deeply. Musicians that can reflect their beliefs and dreams, as well as the things that move them to the core can transfer their reflections into their playing and performances. This allows their music to be an expression of their inner self- what they believe; they feel, express and think.

The best musicians are real and are themselves

All across the board, the best musicians are transparent. In the past, musicians used to be clouded in mystery but with the advent of social media, it has become easier for fans to connect with musicians.

As such, musicians that reveal themselves are not only able to engage with their fans, but they are also able to allow their fans to view and understand them in a different light. In art, as in music, true power and success come from being authentic- and if a musician is disingenuous today, people can tell almost immediately.

Invest in their craft

A musician’s success is predicated by his or her abilities. If a musician’s skill is not great enough to draw an audience, then that musician is likely to fail. That is why musicians are encouraged to work on their fundamental skills to not only ensure that they are ready when the time comes, but also so that they can take the time to build their brand.

It is extremely rare to come across a successful artist that has not put in the required amount of work needed to get to the top. Even when they are successful, the best artists continue to invest in their talents to make their skills and technique even better, which is what eventually, guarantees longevity in the industry.


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