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Signs that it is Time to change your Music Producers

There is no shortage of music producers in the record industry. The best producers are exceptionally sharp and they typically have the best and purest intentions for the projects that they work on. But finding a great music producer can be easier said than done, especially because the internet has made it easier than ever before to locate music producers online.

Though a producer can come highly recommended, it does not mean that he or she should work on your project. So how do you know it is time to change your music producer? Here are common signs that it is time to change music producers?

Your producer constantly compares you to others

It is understandable for your music producer to want you to emulate someone famous or successful. However, when this crosses over to being compared on a constant basis, it can start to chip away at your self-esteem and confidence.

In the music industry, there will always be someone more experienced than you, there is no use for your music producer to hold you up to an unfair standard. Instead, your producer should nudge you and mold you to create a sound that is uniquely you and not anyone else’s.

Your producer forces concepts on you

A good music producer-artist partnership is really like a relationship. It is built on open communication and compromise. Therefore, good producers should always take your opinions into account and not force concepts or ideas on you. Ideally, working with a producer should feel like a collaboration where everyone’s voice and opinions are heard and resected.

A good music producer should be in charge but if the relationship is one-sided, it is bound to suffer and the project in question destined to fail.

Does not see the big picture

If your music producer does not see the big picture, then you should look for one that is more in tune with your needs and plans. The music producer should have a bird’s eye view of the entire project, which means that he or she should be able to anticipate problems and fix them before they become an issue or before they fester.

If your music producer does not have things in control or cannot see where you want to go, then it makes sense to look for a different one.

You do not get along

If you and your music producer do not get along right off the bat, you might have problems in the future. You are going to be spending a lot of time together so you want to make sure that you are a perfect fit music-wise and personality wise.

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